**True genuine friendships should never based around merits, favors, or money. (For example When your friend is down on cash and needs some money for lunch. Spot him/her, expecting nothing in return. Or when your friend needs a ride to work or the airport, these are people you don’t charge for gas money.) You call these people your friends cause at the end of the day, these people are all you got are a collective group of individuals that you can rely on to get you through your toughest moments in life. But in return these are people whom you should share some of your best and joyful moments in life with as well. 

Think of the money and time spent with these people as a long term investment but this time the award won’t come back in terms of physical wealth. They will come back in memories made, lessons learned, and the good times spent with these people. Overall, these people should be people who build you up not put you down.

Never be that guy/gal that pins favors against your friends. (For example: don’t be one of those “Remember when I did so-so for you.” - However if money is important do it discreetly never put them on spotlight in front of other people.) When its all said and done and friendships are lost, it was never really about or worth that extra 6 dollars you spent at McDonalds.

I understand no one likes to be a sucker or get played like a flute. Be wise with the people you invest yourself and time with; be sure these are people who are doing the same for you. There will be a couple of shitty ones that you will have to sort through but the good ones should always outshine the bad ones.

- R&C 

** Article also applies towards family.